Hey all, I know it has been a few days. While I am at work, I don’t have very much time and space to workout or anything (okay, I lie. I just don’t have the motivation to workout…) so basically, what I am saying, is that I didn’t workout or have any big news while I was at work.

Anyway, I wanted to share some great news! I am back down to 235 pounds! I started this last month at 254… So, I’ve lost a grand total of 19 pounds! And before you are all like, “That’s not healthy!” I just want to say that 10 pounds of that was water weight (:

Anyway, I am super duper excited (:

That’s my big news for today!



My Love Affair With Coconut Oil: Oil Pulling 101

So, I was going to review my experience with oil pulling, but I feel that my sister summed it right up!

Today’s workout and photos!!!

Good afternoon all! I am happy to say that once again I am back at it! I’ve been slowly getting back into working out over the past month, but today was the first day in awhile that my motivation gland was working properly! I got up at 7:30 and did an oil pull ( something I will review in a bit and share my sisters post as well). Then it was off to the gym for a spin class.

Now, my gym offers a free spin class (and many other classes) along with my monthly membership! Why I haven’t taken any of them up before now… I… I am embarrassed to join classes because I feel that people judge me. Anywho, I did it! And IT WAS HELL! I loved it, but of course I was the most unfit person there. However, seeing as though I burned 912 calories in an hour, I think I will definitely make it a routine!

I wear a polar FT4 heart rate monitor (something I will also review in a later post) and it kept me going!

So, I just wanted to throw out an update and let you know that this is the real deal! (:




Hello, All!

This is my sister in arms! She will be joining the army! Please help support her journey (:

Adding to the previous post!

Like I stated in the earlier post, a lot of things have happened since I started this blog. I have been gone for almost a year and a half exactly.

Since early last year, I fell off the bandwagon or working out and eating healthy. I got depressed about my weight an how long it was taking to come off- I gave up. I started working on changing my major an going to school I become a nurse. However, before I started that… I became a Certified Nursing Assistant! I went to school in LA for a few months and came home. After completing my certification, it took a while to find a job, but I landed a great one and started working on college classes. I had decided that nursing was the way to go in the beginning of this year and just finished my first semester (after changing my major) just a week ago! I could only maintain two courses because I work as a live-in CNA in the next town over. So, I cannot to courses on campus. Anyway, I realized after this semester that I still have 12 courses to go, just to finish my pre-nursing courses… So, two classes a semester, for only two semesters a year (because my college cut out online courses for summer)… Would take three years. Then I would have to apply for a four-year college and hope to get into the nursing program- and then do the 3+ years to get my bachelors degree… It would take 6+ years to reach my goal.

As of right now, I go from home to work and back again. That is all my life is… And I am so tired of the monotony. I want to do something great with my life. Save lives, make something of myself, maintain a healthy body, and get an education all in one shot!

So, I realized that I have to reach my first goal- lose weight and join the military! I want to finish this and be something more than I am now! So, once again, I’m back! And I hope you will join and support me on my journey (:


It has been a long time..

So many things have happened since I stared this blog… Unfortunately I had to tart my Air Force journey all over again. There was a lot of weight gain and loss and it had to get into a career. Making money and going to school become my life for the past year and a half ( I don’t even know how long it has been). Anyway, so much has happened and I have found myself come full circle. Although I wanted to become a nurse an go to school, it is taking (and will take) a long time for me to reach that goal. Life is boring and uneventful. So, here I am back at the starting point! I want to get right back into the grind and get into the Air Force. This is it, the last try- and I will get there this time!

The only thing that is different, is that I am 2 pounds heavier than where I left off. I gained back 20 pound over the last yeah and some-odd months, and I have taken most of that off again! So, starting weight:


I’m sure I lost most of my followers, but I’m back lovelies and ready to get.shit.done!

Day 173 holy crap (:

A quick update: I just ran two miles in 25 minutes 12 seconds!

I know many of you haven’t seen my post about running a mile and a half… But my mile and a half was down to 21 minutes 14 seconds (a few months ago).

I ran an extra 1/2 mile in 4 minutes!

Can you believe it? Me either. (:

Anywho, I have more to tell, but for now I need to shower….and sleep! (:

But I have to keep this shit up (:


Day 172! (:

Hey all, I know it’s been awhile, but things are going pretty well on my end! I have finally gotten the chance to do my juice fast!

I’ve only been fasting for two days and I’ve lost four pounds! I don’t think I am going to continue though, I want to make sure to get enough nutrients in my system. So, I’ll be adding food in slowly to maintain the 4 pounds!

Everyone says its a bad idea to fast because once you start eating, you gain everything back quickly, but I think it’s been a great way to cleanse my body.

As of right now, I weight 235!!! I have lost a total of 41 pounds! I am extremely excited (:

I still have about 85 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight of 150. (:

Slowly….like a turtle, I will get there! (:

Anyway, I just wanted to throw you a quick update! Hope everyone is doing well!

Write again soon!


Day 162 a little update (:

This, my awesome people, is a good day (:

Below are the photos from my 20 minute – that’s right – 20 minute workout. And it was a simple, yet powerful, workout that anyone can do at home.

It all started this morning; I was watching Air Force youtube videos, reading Air Force blogs, and thinking of my future!

Then, I stumbled onto a Crossfit video… I was reading about it and all the different WODs they have (Workout Of the Day) and then I watched a few videos of women doing these WODs and thought, “What the hell, I want to do that…and look like her, and her, and her.”

So I found a workout called Cindy (beginner):
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes-
5 pull-ups ( I did TRX median rows)
10 push-ups (I did inclined because I can’t do that many on the ground)
15 squats (TRX assisted)
* the whole goal is to beat your number of rounds the next time you do the Cindy again!

I was able to do almost 10 rounds in 20 minutes (: I’m proud and my workout was scaled down to fit me…for now! Ill get better (:

Anyway, like I said, anyone can do this workout in their home…there are no excuses!





Day 158… Things are going well (:

Hey everyone, I know it has even a few days since you’ve heard from me but I do have good news.

In the last five days I have lost another 3 pounds!

This puts me down to 239. I have lost a grand total of 37 pounds altogether!

Pretty sweet, right?

Although I said I would be doing a juice fast last week, I never did get around to going all juice… I had meat and eggs and juice. But I still would like to get into a juice fast, at least for a couple days! I just wish veggies weren’t so expensive(: well, I wish bacon wasn’t so expensive also…. I guess we can’t always get what we want.

So, I have some veggies left and I’m going to try to start my juice fast today…for at least for 2 or 3 days. I bet I could lose a few more pounds by this weekend!

Other than that, I’ve been neglecting my workouts… However, I just moved out of my house which took the last 3 days and it kept me lifting heavy stuff and moving all day long!

But, I do have to get back to Billy and Tony (Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp & P90X with Tony Horton)


Hahaha anyway, I am super happy to still be dropping pounds, I just wish I could lose a little faster (:

We shall see how the rest of this week goes. Keep you updated (: